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Moleculin Biotech to Expand Planned Clinical Trial


Moleculin Biotech, a preclinical and clinical-stage pharmaceutical company, said early Thursday that it has asked its contract research organization, Theradex Systems, to expand its engagement to include clinical sites in Poland for Moleculin’s planned phase I/II clinical trial of Annamycin for the treatment of relapsed or refractory acute myeloid leukemia (AML).

The company said that it has identified several promising sites in Poland. It also said that work is already under way to identify a lead European principal investigator and to recruit the most appropriate clinical sites for the expansion. Annamycin is the company’s lead product candidate and is a phase II clinical stage anthracycline being studied for the treatment of relapsed or refractory AML. AML is a type of cancer in which the bone marrow makes abnormal myeloblasts (a type of white blood cell), red blood cells, or platelets.